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If a neighbour is regularly parking in a way that prevents you from accessing your home, or is using a parking space which has been allocated to you, we first ask that you speak with them or use our Neighbour Template to make them aware that what they're doing is causing a nuisance.

If the problem carries on, please contact us and we’ll advise what action we can take.

Curo can only become involved with cases where the issue is happening on land owned by us. Where cars are parked on public highways, local authorities are responsible for managing any local parking regulations and the police have the power to remove vehicles causing an obstruction when this is necessary.

There are no limits on the numbers of vehicles a household can own, providing that these vehicles have valid tax and MOT certificates. However, we ask that residents are considerate of each other where parking spaces are limited.

Depending on where you live there may be covenants in place restricting the use of certain vehicles. Please make sure you are familiar with these.

Abandoned vehicles

We can take action to remove vehicles that are abandoned on Curo land. A vehicle will be considered abandoned if it doesn't have a valid MOT and tax certificate. If you think a vehicle may be abandoned, check with your neighbours first to see who the vehicle might belong to. If the vehicle isn’t removed, or if its MOT and tax records aren’t updated, please contact us so we can take the appropriate action.

Vehicles registered as off the road (SORN) cannot be kept on Curo land. If you require a garage, these can be rented from Curo here.

Residents may carry out repairs to their own vehicles providing this is done safely without causing nuisance to others. If vehicle repairs are causing a nuisance, please speak with your neighbour to make them aware or use our Neighbour Template. If the problem continues, please contact us so we can discuss this with you.

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