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Anti-social behaviour & crime



We all want to enjoy our home and surroundings in the way that suits us. But often we have different ideas of what is acceptable behaviour.

One person's enjoyment of music can be another's unbearable noise. Keen gardeners can be upset by a neighbour's total lack of gardening interest. Often we have to accept that we need to live together and accept differences in lifestyle.

We hope that you enjoy your home and will not have any problems, but there are times when a neighbour's behaviour can cause great distress and action needs to be taken.

Anti-social behaviour ranges from serious, criminal activity such as selling drugs, to other issues such as loud music or nuisance from pets or animals. If you are experiencing any form of anti-social behaviour, please contact us and we will advise you what we can do to make it stop.

You can also help to prevent problems from arising by following some simple advice.

  • Keep noise from a radio, a hi-fi, a TV, domestic cleaning or DIY activities to acceptable levels at reasonable hours.
  • Do not put equipment against shared walls, and if you live in a flat place it on a rubber mat or carpet to reduce the vibration.
  • Show consideration for your neighbours and the community in which you live.

Problem with your neighbours

If you are having problems with a neighbour, maybe because they are playing their music too loudly, or arguing and slamming doors, please try these suggestions:

Try to speak to them calmly and politely to tell them that they are causing you some difficulties. Your neighbour may not be aware that they are causing a nuisance and you may be able to sort out everything in a friendly way.

If this is not successful you should contact us, and we can provide advice and explain what we may be able to do to help sort out the problem. We will normally ask a series of questions to understand the problem and assess the risk to you and the impact the situation is having on you. We may also be able to put you in touch with other agencies that may be able to help, such as the police or Environmental Health.

If it is serious or persistent we will agree an action plan with you, and we will consider a range of legal solutions that we may be able to take if things like warnings or mediation do not work or are not appropriate.

If you would like more information on how we tackle anti-social behaviour please contact us, and we can provide information on our policies and procedures.

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