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Drugs and 'cuckooing'



The use of illegal drugs should always be reported to the police - you can call 101 to do this in non-emergency cases, or online with the Avon & Somerset or Wiltshire Police.

It's important when reporting nuisance from drug misuse - such as the smell of cannabis - to give as much information as possible.

This will include:

  • Who is using the drugs and where this is happening? For example is there a strong smell outside a particular door? Have you seen anyone using drugs?
  • How often this is happening?
  • How this behaviour affects you. For example, if you or a family member have asthma, or if you're disturbed by frequent visitors to a property.

We will explain what action we can take when you report this.

Frequent visitors to a property are not always evidence that there is drug dealing happening at an address, but it's important that you contact the police if you think this behaviour is suspicious and that you provide as much information as possible. We will work with the police to deal with this.


‘Cuckooing’ is when a drug dealer takes over a property, usually taking advantage of the person who lives there. If you have concerns that this is happening to one of your neighbours please report it to us and to the police urgently so we can take the right action.

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