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Your tenancy agreement will say how many pets you’re allowed to have and whether you need permission from us before getting them. If you haven't received our consent for a pet and we have evidence of it causing nuisance, we can request that it is re-homed.

In some properties there are covenants which mean that no pets can be kept.

Cats are as classified as feral animals and their behaviour is not considered to be the responsibility of their owners in the same way as dogs, for example.


Some barking is normal dog behaviour and wouldn’t be treated as anti-social unless there was evidence of it causing persistent nuisance. Please refer to our noise page for more details.

We expect residents who own dogs to be mindful of their neighbours by limiting the amount of time their dog is left alone in a property, keeping them under control in communal areas, and picking up waste in both communal areas and private gardens.

If your neighbour’s dog is causing you nuisance, please speak with them or use our Neighbour Template.

There are breeds of dog which are classified as dangerous, although any dog which displays aggressive behaviour should be reported to the police. Once you’ve reported an incident to them please contact us with a reference number so we can work with them to take any further action.

If you have concerns that a dog is being mistreated please contact the RSPCA.

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