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If you have concerns that your neighbour has abandoned their property, or is letting someone live there instead of them, please contact us so we can discuss this with you.

It is important that we take as many details from you as possible. This may include when you last saw your neighbour, or if they have said anything to you which suggests that they are living in a different property.


‘Subletting’ is when a tenant gives the full use of their property to someone else on a long-term basis, and charges them rent. If you think this is happening in a Curo property please contact us.

Tenants are able to ask for Curo’s permission to have other people join their households, or to have lodgers who pay them to use a room in a property where the main tenant is also living.

Curo tenants and leaseholders are not permitted to advertise their properties for let on ‘Air BnB’ or similar holiday letting websites. Please contact us if you believe this is happening at a Curo property.

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