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Gardens & bonfires




Curo tenants are required to maintain any garden spaces attached to their properties- including trees- and keep them free from rubbish. If the condition of your neighbour’s garden is causing you nuisance, you should first speak with them to make them aware of this. You can also use the Neighbour Template to do this.

Curo can only become involved in cases where there is a serious issue with the condition of a garden that you have been unable to resolve by speaking with your neighbour. Examples include unmaintained trees which are damaging your property or a build-up of rubbish attracting pests.


Occasional bonfires (one per month) are permitted although we would encourage residents to refer to the guidelines given by their local authority. You should notify your neighbours that you are having a bonfire and it should be small enough to be easily controlled, and appropriate safety precautions taken.

Regular bonfires, or the burning of hazardous materials, would be considered a nuisance. Please report this to your local authority’s Environmental Protection Team. We will work with them to take any further action that might be needed.

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