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We ask all our residents to be considerate of their neighbours and do what they can to limit noise in their properties. This might include:

  • Placing rugs or carpets on floors if you live above someone
  • Keeping music and television noise to low volumes, during daytime as well as at ‘anti-social’ hours
  • Limiting DIY or the use of appliances such as washing machines to times that are least likely to cause nuisance

Neighbours can expect to hear ‘daily living’ noise from each other and in most cases this isn’t something we would treat as anti-social behaviour. Most issues can be resolved by speaking with your neighbour and we would expect you to do this first before we consider taking on a case.

A one-off party, for example, may cause disturbance but would not be something we would challenge unless this was happening regularly.

If you don’t feel safe to talk to your neighbours please contact us to discuss this. You can also use our Neighbour Template. 

What's anti-social noise?

  • Noise can be considered ‘anti-social’ if it's persistent, which we would usually define as happening for 30 minutes a day across five days a week.
  • Noise which happens after 11pm and before 7am can be considered more anti-social. However, this would still depend on the type of noise and the evidence we had of this.
  • Noise can still be considered anti-social during ‘daytime’ hours. If, for example, we have evidence of persistent loud music happening during the day we would still challenge this.

If you're experiencing this kind of noise nuisance we will ask you to provide evidence, usually through our Noise App, for two weeks so we can assess whether we can challenge the behaviour further.

Find out how to use our Noise App here, or watch the video below.

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