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Your home



We want to provide great properties and places that you can call home.

Here we've brought together lots of useful information and advice to help you get the most out of your Curo home.

Living in your home

Information and advice covering some of the most common questions residents have about living in a Curo home.

Repairs and servicing

How to report a repair and information on what repairs you can expect us to undertake.

Improving your home

What to do if you are considering making alterations to your home. And what we have planned to improve your home.

Adapting your home

What to do if you need disability aids or adaptations made to your home.

Moving home

Want to move home or need to end a tenancy? Find out more about options like transfers, exchanges or affordable ways to buy.

Tenancy advice and information

Find out about your tenancy.

Safety at home

Make sure your home's as safe as houses with our simple tips.

Sheltered housing residents

If you live in Curo sheltered accommodation you can access information about your scheme here.

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