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Emergency repairs



How we classify emergency, same-day and next-day repairs

We aim to provide all our customers living in our 13,000 homes with a great repairs service. We provide an out-of-hours response service for genuine emergencies. Sometimes we’re called out to fix something that’s not a genuine emergency, costing money and stopping us from helping someone else in need. This list clarifies how and when we class a repair as an emergency.

Please remember only genuine emergencies will be dealt with out-of-hours. If a call-out is not a genuine emergency, the costs incurred could be charged to the customer at £80 per visit.

Out-of-hours emergencies

We’ll attend to the following outside of our usual opening hours, after 4.30pm and before 8am Monday to Friday, or on a weekend or Bank Holiday.

Property insecure?

This would be considered an out-of-hours emergency in several instances. For example, if a door is damaged in a break-in and will not close, if a ground floor window is jammed open or if a lock will not operate.

If the damage is caused as a result of a crime, you should notify the police who will supply you with a crime number.

We'll make your home safe and secure at the emergency visit, then agree a follow-on appointment.

Please note that some work could still be chargeable in certain circumstances.

Locked out?

We may be able to offer out-of-hours assistance to elderly and vulnerable customers. Any works will be chargeable unless you live in Curo sheltered accommodation.

Otherwise we advise you to contact a local locksmith if you’ve accidentally locked yourself out (eg lost a key or locked it in your home). Alternatively we can do this work for you – our standard charge is £80.

If you’re worried about someone having access to your home, please ask to speak to our Tenancy Compliance & Support Team.

Continuous alarm sounding?

Contact us if a telecare alarm or carbon monoxide alarm is sounding – click here for more information about carbon monoxide.

Uncontainable water leak?

If you're unable to turn off the stop-tap we'll treat this as an out-of-hours emergency, however we will make a charge for this if the stop tap could have been used to stop the leak.

Water leak coming through electrical wiring or fittings?


Exposed electrical wires?


Gas leak?

Always call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 first. Click here for gas safety advice.



Communal door won't open?


Fire in property?

Always contact the emergency services on 999.

Problems with walls?

Yes, if the wall has fallen or is in a dangerous condition.

Same-day or next-day repairs

For the following situations we can come out on the same day (if reported by midday) or the next day. If reported on a Friday, we’ll come to you either that evening or on Saturday. Anything raised on a Sunday will be booked in for the next day.

Broken glass or window?

Where the damage is caused as a result of a crime, please provide a crime reference number. We’ll make the window safe and secure at the emergency visit, then book a further appointment to re-glaze – this may be charged at £80.

Blocked toilet or drain?

Yes, if this affects the only useable toilet in your home.

Uncontainable water leak?

Always turn off the stop-tap first - we'll then attend on a same/next-day repair. If you're unable to turn off the stop-tap we'll treat this as an out-of-hours emergency (see above).

Complete power cut?


Communal door?

If the communal door will not lock.

Uncontainable water leak from the boiler?

Yes. However, if you smell gas, always contact the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 first.

Defective manhole cover?

We'll only repair manhole covers that are within the boundary of your property. We'll attend as an emergency and will repair, temporarily cover or protect any damaged, loose or missing manhole covers if the situation poses a hazard.

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