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Emergency repairs



Our response timescales

We classify repairs into three levels of priority. Remember: If there's a danger to life always call 999.

Emergency repairs (P1)

These are repairs which present an immediate and serious threat to your safety or that of your home. Types of repair may include:

  • Large structural collapse
  • Fire
  • Major flooding
  • Exposed bare electrical cables
  • Total loss of power
  • Total loss of water
  • Blocked main drain

TIMESCALES: We'll attend all P1 Emergency repairs on the same day that they are reported, whether during normal working hours or out of hours.

Priority Repairs (P2)

These are repairs which are likely to affect your wellbeing or which could cause a further problem in your home if left unattended for longer than a day or two.Types of repair may include:

  • Total failure of heating
  • Total failure of hot water
  • Toilet not flushing
  • Rainwater leak from roof
  • Partial loss of power
  • Loose handrail

TIMESCALES: We'll attend all P2 Priority repairs before the end of the next working day after you have made a report. These will be attended during normal working hours.

Routine Repairs (P3)

These are repairs which present no immediate and serious threat to your safety or that of your home and which are not likely to affect your longer-term wellbeing. Most repairs which you report will probably fall into this category.

TIMESCALES: We'll attend all P3 Priority repairs at a mutually convenient appointment which will be agreed with you when you report it to us.

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