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Lodgers and subletting



Taking in a lodger or subtenant

As a Curo resident, you might be considering taking in a lodger or subletting a room in your home in return for payment. This can be a good way to help pay your rent and share some of your household bills, but it also comes with responsibilities and can affect any benefits you claim.

Our leaflet explains what you need to consider when deciding if this is something for you.

What is a lodger?

A lodger is someone who shares your home, usually in return for a payment. Although they may have their own room, they do not have exclusive use of it and they do not have any tenancy rights. A lodger may receive services such as laundry, cleaning and meals (in this case, they may also be known as a ‘boarder’), but that is up to you and the agreement you have with your lodger.

What is a subtenant?

Subletting is where you let part of your home to a subtenant in return for payment. They will have a part of your home (usually a bedroom) for their exclusive use and you cannot enter this area without their permission.


If there is a change in who shares your home with you, you'll need to inform us. If you claim benefits, you also need to tell the relevant authorities as it may affect what you can claim.

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