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We can provide information in a range of different formats and languages which are shown below. Please contact us if you'd like information in an alternative format.

  • Large print
  • Audio
  • Braille
  • Other languages
  • Sign language
  • Live interpretation

Listen to this website with BrowseAloud Plus

You can use Browsealoud Plus to read this website out loud. To launch the BrowseAloud Plus toolbar:

  • click on the loudspeaker icon that appears next to the search box at the top of this website;
  • then simply click any text to hear it read aloud.

If you need help using BrowseAloud Plus visit www.browsealoud.com/support, email support@browsealoud.com or call 0800 328 7910.

Accessing this website

Our website has been designed to meet the W3C website accessibility guidelines.

Changing text size

You can increase or decrease the text size on each page by using the controls in your web browser.

Other languages

If English is not your first language and you need a translation, we can get one for you.

Call us on 01225 366040

or email hello@curo-group.co.uk.

You can use Browsealoud Plus to translate and read out text in a variety of languages. Instructions for using Browsealoud Plus are above.

This website also uses Google Translate. To use this, click on the 'Select language' box at the bottom of this website.

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