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Cold weather advice, gritting & snow clearance



Please take extra care if you have to go out in icy or snowy conditions. We grit paths at our sheltered housing sites and provide grit bins at our supported schemes for residents to use.

Don't slip up this winter

  • Take short, flat steps and slow down. If there are handrails, use them.
  • Be very careful when you first step out of your front door in the morning.
  • Even if a pathway looks clear there may still be some invisible black ice.
  • Wear sensible footwear.
  • Be a good neighbour. If you are able to help keep pathways clear this winter, please do lend a hand.
  • Don't use hot water to clear ice: you might create your own black ice.

Please contact your local council if your enquiry relates to gritting on public roads or pathways. If you have any other questions or concerns contact Curo. Check our estate map to see which areas we're responsible for.

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