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Bulk refuse & fly-tipping



Disposing of bulky waste

If you are having a new item delivered it's always worth asking the company you are buying from if they offer a service to take away the old item.
Curo does not offer a bulky waste collection service. If we do have to remove any dumped or unwanted items we have to charge to cover the cost of removal and disposal.

Local authorities usually offer a cost-effective service for those not able to take items to a council-owned recycling centre. Find out what your local council offers.

Various charities such as the Genesis Project and Sofa Project may also be able to help.

Help us keep your neighbourhood tidy

Did you know that we remove approximately 2,000 tons of bulk household rubbish a year dumped on our land and in bin rooms?  We are working with local councils to reduce this. We need your help too.

If you see anyone fly-tipping, please report it and try to provide details such as the number plates of any vehicles used. We will always work with your local council to prosecute but we need evidence to do this.

We are working with local councils to improve the refuse arrangements at blocks of flats so that we move away from individual bins and internal bin areas to central external collection compounds, incorporating wheelie bins. This reduces litter and is far more hygienic.

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