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Housing First



An innovative approach to long term homelessness

Watch our Housing First Hot Topics conversation with Nik, Becci and Niki from DHI, Julian House and Curo

Housing First is a new approach that provides stable housing as a platform for people with multiple and complex needs to begin recovery and move away from homelessness. Curo provides Housing First services in two local authority areas: Bath & North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

In Bath & North East Somerset we work with Julian House and DHI to provide 13 properties in Bath along with a support worker and tailored support package to ensure the each tenant can sustain the tenancy.

TED Talk: The Housing First approach to homelessness

Many single adults living in what should be temporary accommodation, like that offered by the YMCA, struggle to move on into private accommodation. As social housing is prioritised to meeting the needs of couples and families, it can be challenging for single adults to access suitable housing. With 100 applicants for every one-bedroom property offered in Bath through the Council’s Homesearch scheme, single adults tend to find they cannot successfully bid for social housing. This new partnership helps to free up urgently-needed temporary and one-bedroom accommodation.

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