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Homelessness stories: Izzie



Izzie describes how she came to the Curo Bath Foyer, having nowhere to go. The support she received there led to her getting a mental health diagnosis and professional help, transforming her relationship with her parents. Izzie now works for Curo, having joined us through our Work Wise scheme on an accredited work placement.

  • Homelessness can affect anyone, any time, for a multitude of reasons.
  • In the past year Curo has prevented 221 people and families from becoming homeless through these services.
  • Curo’s homelessness projects provide 139 units of temporary accommodation, from studios to flats and family homes.
  • 72 people were supported to move on to settled accommodation.
  • 31 young people going through difficulties at home have achieved positive outcomes through Curo mediation.
  • Our homelessness support services are calculated to be worth £2.9m in social value.

Find out more about our supported housing and temporary accommodation services here.

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