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What are disrepair claims?



You may have seen adverts on social media from firms offering to claim ‘no-win, no-fee’ compensation from landlords who fail to repair homes in a reasonable time. These are called ‘disrepair’ claims.

At our latest Facebook Live Q&A, a Curo customer asked Paul Harris, Executive Director of Customer Experience, to explain disrepair claims.

“There’s a phenomenon in our sector where solicitors are advertising to get social tenants to take cases against housing associations to, on the face of it, win loads of compensation,” said Paul.

“Just be really careful. Almost all of them are not what they seem. They say that the claims are on a no-win, no-fee basis, but we’ve been told by Curo residents that the firms end up taking all the money themselves and you get very little.

“Equally, if the firm feels they can’t win the case, they may just leave you in the lurch. But you will have done loads of work to get the case ready.

“So, if you’re interested in one of these opportunities, please take care because a lot of them are not very helpful. If you talk to us, we will try to get issues sorted out much more quickly without going down that route,” he said.

If you’re not happy with the service you get from us as your landlord, please tell us directly instead. We have a formal complaints process and if you make a complaint, we’ll work with you to put things right as soon as we can. If we agree to pay you compensation through our own complaints process, you’ll get the full amount (a claims company can take up to 75% of any compensation).

If you’re not happy with the outcome, you can take your case to the independent Housing Ombudsman. We’ll always explain your options at every stage.

We’ve put together more information about disrepair claims here.

Watch our latest FB Live in full here.


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