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Rent worries? Help is here!



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Here at Curo we know and understand that some of our customers are having difficulty paying their rent in theses uncertain times.

Our message to you is, we're here to help. Please don’t put off getting in touch - pick up the phone or email us at customeraccountshelp@curo-group.co.uk with your query.

We've already helped hundreds of our customers in the following ways:

  • Help with benefit applications to maximise income
  • Help if you've been made redundant or furloughed
  • If you've had a change of circumstances that's impacted your income, we can discuss ways to pay that best suit you
  • Making agreements for future payments with instalments that are affordable
  • Help and support with utility bills like gas, electricity and water
  • Getting charity and grant applications
  • Money advice from our in-house money advisor
  • Offering 'breathing space' - that means putting a pause on payments towards any arrears as long as the ongoing rent is paid. During the pause we can talk to you about your finances and offer you tailored solutions
  • Need to downsize to a smaller property? If you live in Bath & North East Somerset our Passport to Housing service could help  

Picking up the phone to ask for help is the first step and can be the hardest. We promise you that it will be the best step you take.

Our Customer Accounts team will welcome your call: you'll be listened to, we'll offer solutions and perhaps sign-post you to other support agencies.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. With a non-judgmental approach, we understand people are suffering with financial difficulties and can offer ways to help.

If you need any of the above help or support please call us, Monday to Friday. We look forward to your call.

Click here to contact us.

Visit our rent and money web page for more help and advice.

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