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The excellent MoneySavingExpert website is packed with practical tips for saving money. This page links you directly to information and advice from MoneySavingExpert plus a few other sources including Good Housekeeping.

Phones & internet

There are loads of packages and it can be hard to figure out what’s going to give you best value. Get the latest intel from these Cheapest Mobiles and Cheapest Broadband articles.

Travel & motoring

Book ahead and you could make big savings, however you travel. Try the Cheap Train Tickets article. If you have a car, here’s how to get Cheaper Petrol & Diesel and Cheaper Car Insurance.

Household money & benefits

Have you insured your household contents? Here's info about a policy specially designed for people living in social housing. Also check out this Cheap Home Insurance article. For the latest on gas and electricity deals head to Cheapest Gas & Elec.

Take the MoneySavingExpert Money Makeover to see if you’re getting the best deals. Remember, at Curo our own money advisors can also help you get your household finances in better shape.

Are you getting all the benefits you’re entitled to? We have links to handy benefits calculators here. The MoneySavingExpert 5-Minute Benefits Check-up is also a great tool to try. If you have teenagers, try their Teen Cash Class PDF.


Want to stop smoking? Quitting is good for your health and your pocket. Check the NHS Quit Smoking page for life-changing help, and in B&NES the free Stop Smoking Service is here.

Many medicines are available cheaper as 'generic' products, rather than big brand names and the quality will be the same. You could also get prescription 'season tickets'. The Cheaper Prescriptions and Medications article explains all. 

Reclaiming Council Tax 

Many homes are in the wrong Council Tax band. It's quick and easy to check your property. Changing band could save £200 a year. Read this Council Tax Reclaiming guide.

Everyday living

MoneySavingExpert's Old-Style Board is all about saving money by simply "doing things how they used to be done". See if anything there works for you. Their Cheap Online Shopping and Supermarket Shopping pages are packed with tips and techniques that are certain to save.  

All things financial

If you're struggling to get a bank or savings account, try a credit union. For tips on opening a bank account head here. If you're overdrawn, you can tell your bank how to use new money coming in to pay priority debts instead of paying off your overdraft - here's how.

MoneySavingExpert has handy articles on the Best Balance Transfers and Top Savings Accounts. And if you have a good credit score, look up their Credit Card Freebie Loopholes - plus... ever heard of Stoozing 

Owing money

There's a lot of support available if you're in debt. The sooner you ask for help, the easier it'll be to get things back on track. We have our own budget planner here and MoneySavingExpert also have a great tool. Please always talk to our Customer Accounts team if debt becomes a problem.

There's a lot of good advice in this Debt Problems: Where To Go, What To Do article. If you owe money, it's important to know what should be paid back first. These are called priority debts - always start with these. 

The golden rule is: never resort to a loan shark. There are always better ways to tackle debt. 

Check your workplace benefits

If you're employed, check what benefits your your employer might offer - some provide healthcare plans or help with childcare.

Turn unwanted stuff into cash

No longer need it? Exchange it for money using a resale site like Depop, Vinted or eBay (others available!). These can also be good places to grab a preloved quality bargain. 

Go paperless for less

Many utility companies will offer you a better deal if you become an online-only customer. Plus, you'll usually be able to monitor and manage your account using a smartphone.

BOGOF doesn't always pay

BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) deals can look tempting. But in the UK the average person spends £1,300 more on BOGOF deals than they need to each year.

Claim working from home tax relief

If you’re working from home because of the pandemic, you could be eligible to claim money back for expenses. This is as tax relief paid by HMRC. You can only claim this if you have to work from home, not just if you choose to. 

Online shopping? Go incognito to get better deals

Switching to incognito mode when shopping online makes it harder for companies to track what products you've viewed and then put prices up. This can make a big difference for big purchases like holidays.

Stay on track

Some banks offer handy tools to help you limit what you spend. For example Monzo lets you transfer a pot of spending money to your card. There are also prepaid cards including Monese and Transferwise where you can only spend what you load onto the cards. Or you could use a separate account for everyday spending, with its own card, and only transfer your weekly spending money onto it.

Are you over-insured? 

It's important to have the right cover in place, but check you're not paying for more than you need. For example if you drive less because of the pandemic, you could get a cheaper car insurance deal with limited mileage. And always compare, don't auto-renew - try sites like CompareTheMarket and MoneySupermarket.

Christmas is coming!

Isn't it always? We love Festive Flyers, where readers share ideas for their best gifts that are under a fiver (plus plenty more ideas for a Christmas to remember that won't break the bank).

Getting hitched?

Make your big day special without costing the earth. Here's How to have a MoneySaving Wedding.

Water savings

Nearly three quarters of the water used in a typical home is used in the bathroom. A tap left running for just one minute can use nine litres of water. Turning off the tap when brushing teeth, washing or shaving could save 18 litres alone. Ask Wessex Water for their free water-saving pack. It includes:

  • a four-minute shower timer 
  • a gadget that will save you 1.2 litres every time you flush
  • a leaky loo strip to check whether your toilet cistern is leaking water
  • a tap kit that could save up to 18 litres a day

There are loads more tips at https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/

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