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Meet the new team taking care of Curo's estates



Meet Curo’s team of hands-on caretakers. The team work in some of our larger estates, keeping shared areas tidy and carrying out minor repairs in communal areas straight away without the need to wait for a job to be booked.

The friendly team are easy to spot with their blue ‘looking after your estate’ shirts. Curo caretakers can tackle jobs like:

  • General cleaning of shared areas
  • Removing fly-tipping
  • Clearing graffiti
  • Minor repairs in shared areas
  • Some grounds maintenance

"The best part of our job is definitely when residents come and say hello and thanks for what we're doing," says team supervisor Mike Purnell. "Anything we can do to try and make their lives better is very rewarding.

"At Tintagel Close in Keynsham we built a chalk board teepee for the children to use and they helped decorate it. It was a great community event and it's nice to see them using it regularly now."

Here are some of the compliments the team's received already:

  • Much cleaner and tidier since caretakers have started 
  • Done a great job in the stairwell – very clean
  • Great lads who work well. Making waves in improving staircases with what they have available – polite and approachable
  • Thank you for fixing front door of our building so quickly. Good job on the cleaning, very friendly staff

Meet the caretakers for each of our larger estates.

Pictured, left-right: Mike, Josh, Lewis, Zach and Ian.

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