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Looking after our estates



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We’re trialling a new approach to tackling issues and making improvements in some of our larger estates. We'll be listening more carefully to local residents' concerns and ideas around communal cleaning, fly-tipping clearance and repairs. 

We’ll have a much stronger presence in these estates, with a dedicated team on-hand to tackle maintenance and cleaning quickly and efficiently. We’re hoping this more efficient approach will benefit all customers by freeing up time we can devote to residents living in other areas. 

We’re piloting this new approach at the following Curo estates:

  • Tintagel Close, Keynsham
  • Ballance Street, Lampards Building and Morford Street, Bath
  • Phoenix House, Bath
  • Rosewell Court, Bath

If this new approach works well, we’ll look at rolling this out to other large Curo estates. We’ll keep customers up to date through our customer newsletter, Open.

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