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Doorstep safety - always ask to see ID



Remember that anyone carrying out work for Curo will always have a Curo ID card/badge with them (examples below). Always insist on seeing this card and check that the photo matches the person. A genuine caller will never mind being asked.

If you ever have any worries about a caller’s identity, call us on 01225 366000 so that we can confirm their identity.

If you cannot reach us for any reason, call your local police on 101, or 999 if you feel in any immediate danger.

If you are concerned about security, call us on 01225 366000. We may be able to help with security equipment such as door chains.


Ask to see an ID card

This is what a genuine Curo ID card will look like. The card has a snow-flake hologram and will include an expiry date.


Contractors' cards

Contractors working on behalf of Curo will carry a similar card with a red C shown on the front.

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