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Home Improvement FAQs

  • What is Curo’s Home Improvements Programme?

    Within every home there are things (we refer to as ‘components’) that need replacing from time to time – for example the kitchen, bathroom, windows, front doors and heating system. Our Home Improvements Programme ensures that these components are replaced when they need to be.

  • What does this programme replace?

    The typical components we replace within your home through this programme are:

    -      Kitchen

    -      Bathroom

    -      Windows

    -      External Doors

    -      Boiler and heating system

    -      Electric heating system

  • When will my components be replaced?

    You can find out when these components will be replaced in your Curo home by registering with MyCuro. You’ll be able to view the planned replacement dates for your home under the ‘My Property’ section.

    Here’s an example:

  • How do you decide when to plan replacements?

    Replacement dates take into consideration:

    1.   The life-cycle – when the last replacement was undertaken

    2.   The Home Condition Survey

  • What is the expected 'life-cycle' of these components?

    Each of the components within your home are replaced according to their life-cycle. These life-cycles differ from one component to another. We usually replace components when they reach the following ages:

    • Kitchen, 20 years
    • Bathroom, 30 years
    • Windows, 30 years
    • External doors, 30 years
    • Boiler and heating system, 15 years & 30 years
    • Electrical heating system, 30 years
  • What is a Home Condition Survey?

    Every five years, we will visit your home to undertake a Home Condition Survey. The Property Inspector that visits will assess the condition of your kitchen, bathroom and other components listed above. This will help us to ensure that the replacement dates we have planned are accurate given the condition of the components in your home.

    This means we’re able to ensure that components are planned for replacement at the right time, based on the need and the life-cycle.

  • Can I request a Home Condition Survey?

    Yes. If you haven’t had a Home Condition Survey in the last five years, we will be contacting you to arrange a visit. You can also use the Home Improvements page on MyCuro to request a survey. Once we receive your request, we’ll contact you with available dates within five working days.

Read our Home Improvement Booklets here:

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