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You said... we did - June 2019



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Here's the second of our regular reviews of the things we've done recently in response to customer feedback:

You said: A number of residents have asked us to look at ways we can have a stronger presence across our estates, with the idea of a community vehicle proving popular.

We did: We're looking into a ‘Community Engagement Vehicle’ which colleagues from across the business could use to visit our estates regularly. To find out more, we asked you more about this at the Curo Labs earlier this year and on VoiceBox. The three most popular topics you wanted to discuss during visits were:

  1. Reporting repairs,
  2. Home improvements,
  3. Reporting an estate issues and anti-social behaviour

We're looking into the costs and options in more detail.

You said: At our recent events, you told us you want to be more involved with managing your estate. 

We did: We created the Estates Partnership Board where you can help us tackle issues affecting your neighbourhood and improve the shared spaces across our estates. 66 customers have applied for roles on the Estates Partnership Board. We shortlisted this to 10 elected members covering all areas where we have homes. The first meeting took place on 12 June 2019.

You said: You wanted to name your new online self-service portal.

We did: We listened to feedback collected at the Curo Labs 2019 and via VoiceBox. 58% of customers surveyed chose the name MyCuro, so that’s what we called it. It’s live now – try it here.

You said: You told us that the early part of the procedure Curo follows when a customer owes us rent could be improved. This feedback came from focus groups with customers who've been in rent arrears. Some customers described the process as threatening, ‘heavy-handed’, ‘constant hassling’ and lacking in empathy, provoking anxiety for tenants. On the other hand, it was felt that when tenants spoke to us we delivered a really positive and supportive experience.

We did: The key themes from the focus groups were that the early part of the arrears procedure was the main cause for dissatisfaction. So we've set up two pilots to trial changes to:

  • re-word the initial letters tenants get about arrears, with a simpler and softer tone and
  • reduce the number of letters we send when people are in arrears, phoning instead.

There are lots of ways you can help shape the services we provide. Check out our get involved section to find a way that suits you.

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