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You said... we did - December 2019



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We listen carefully to what customers tell us - you're the best people to help us make changes for the better.  Here's the latest in our regular round-up of some of the things you've said, and what we've done as a result:

You said: That when reporting issues in shared areas or in your estate – things like fly tipping or cleaning - that you need to contact us again to ask when the issue will be resolved. 

  We did: We’re introducing progress updates using text messaging to keep you up to date at each step of the way so you know exactly when the issue will be resolved. These messages will be implemented early in 2020.

You said: That when upgrading the heating in your home the new heating controls can be difficult to use, and that means you can’t get the most out of it.

  We did: We’re creating easy-to-use instructions that we’ll be giving customers whenever new heating is installed to help you know how to use your new heating.

Did you know? Our engineers have made short films showing you how to set your gas heating controls and your night storage heater controls.

You said: That once we’ve installed new heating, we should ensure any issues identified on our inspection are fixed as soon as possible.     

 We did: We’ve made changes to the process that will see us resolve small issues during the final inspection and we’ll book any follow-up work with you so you know when we’ll return to resolve any issues.

You said: That when upgrading boilers in your home the boiler should be boxed in.

  We did: We’ve now made the boxing-in of boilers standard as part of our boiler upgrade works.

You said: That sometimes when you report a repair that can be complex to resolve, there are too many appointments required to fix the problem.   

 We did: We’ve implemented new processes that track your repairs if more than one appointment is required to ensure we fix the issue as efficiently as possible. We’ve also put in place a new Technical Care team who will carefully manage complex repairs and ensure they get done right first time.

Thanks for all your feedback. Find out how you can be more involved in shaping the services you get here.

For more examples of changes we've made as a result of your feedback, check out our latest annual report.

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