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You said... we did - April 2020



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Thanks to every Curo customer who has given us suggestions, ideas and feedback. We do take notice of your feedback and make changes for the better. Here's the latest look at some of the things you've said, and what we've done as a result:

You said: Curo should be more transparent with our decision making related to complaints.

  We did: We launched the Complaints Forum which usually meets four times a year to review anonymised complaints to check that we're being fair and right in our decision making and following the correct process.

You said: The process to apply for and get a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) isn't clear.

  We did: We consulted with members of our Disability Action Group to help to streamline the process and make it easier for the people who need a DFG to apply for one.

You said: Some of our estates have requested additional CCTV in their neighbourhood to help them feel more safe.

 We did: We've been working to make this happen: we've completed a survey of each of these neighbourhoods and we've been getting quotes to determine how much CCTV will cost.

You said: Customers at Rosewell Court in Bath want us to make their communal areas more secure.

  We did: We've invested in anti-climb paint to reduce anti-social behaviour and we've improved door security to the bin stores. We've also worked with residents to understand how the door entry systems work to ensure they're not misused and then left in insecure.

You said: In some areas, buildings are managed through a separate 'managing agent'. This sometimes leads to delays getting issues resolved because of the systems involved. 

 We did: Work is underway to update and improve our systems and the data we hold about these buildings. This will make is easier to diagnose and track issues when a managing agent is also involved.

You said: I've been getting text messages to say I owe rent when I don't.

 We did: These new text reminders were being sent as soon as a rent account went into arrears - even if a payment was on its way. We've changed this. Now a text message is only sent to a customer who has been in arrears for more than seven days. Also, for the same period of arrears the customer will only receive one text (not one every week).

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Thanks for all your feedback. Find out how you can be more involved in shaping the services you get here.

For more examples of changes we've made as a result of your feedback, check out our annual report.

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