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You said... we did - April 2019



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We're here for our customers and we know there's no better way to improve our services than by listening to and acting on what customers tell us. This is the first in what will become a regular look at some of the things we've done recently in response to customer feedback:

You said: A deaf customer attended the Curo Labs we held earlier this year and told us about a number of issues that were causing her a great deal of stress. Many of these related to her disability and the way that our services are not designed to support her.

We did: We are going to create a new disability action group with our customers. 

You said: We're introducing a document that sets out Curo's standards and obligations to our customers. We asked VoiceBox customers what they thought of this document.

We did: As a result of this feedback we've changed the name of the document to Curo's Customer Commitment. We've also adjusted some of the language used and added some additional points to clarify what we are responsible for. This commitment goes live in April 2019. We'll report how we're performing in relation to this commitment back to customers every quarter.

You said: Our complaints policy needed a review as part of our three-year cycle. We consulted with customers through VoiceBox to find out what was important to customers when it comes to complaint management.

We did: Many of the comments we received have fed in to the final version of the policy. This includes keeping our three-stage complaints process and supporting the view that a thorough investigation is more important than a speedy one. As a direct result of a comment referring to the lack of visibility in the decision-making process, we've launched a new way to be involved with Curo by taking up a position on the new Complaints Forum. This group will review anonymised complaints to ensure Curo's policy and procedure has been followed and that the decisions made are fair and right. This group won't have the ability to alter the decision, but will provide feedback and help scrutinise Curo's process. We're currently recruiting through VoiceBox - if you're interested there's more information here.

You said: Following feedback from customers through many sources, we consulted on a new design for the system that presents customers with choices when they phone us. This is known as an Interactive Voice Response system or IVR. Feedback was that it was too difficult to get through, that the information messages played when on hold wasn't helpful, and that an open choice alternative wasn't available.

We did: Following the consultation we've revised the options and made them much simpler, making it easier to get through to the right person. We've removed the current messages played when on hold. Instead customers will hear information that they are more likely to find useful, for example about how to get involved and provide feedback. We've also added a new 'anything else' option for those calls that don't fit any other options. These changes are now in place, so next time you call you should hear the improvements we've made.

There are lots of ways you can help shape the services we provide. Check out our get involved section to find a way that suits you.

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