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The Greener Homes survey 2022 - thanks for telling us your priorities



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Thanks to everyone who took part in our 2022 Greener Homes survey. Congratulations to S Syed (pictured) from Weston, Bath who won £200 in our survey prize draw, and runners-up J Fullbrook of Bear Flat and C Snell from Twerton. We received 525 responses from Curo customers, giving us masses of invaluable information and ideas that we’ll use to plan how we make your homes greener and warmer. 

We’ll be doing this with you through our new Greener Homes Panel of Curo residents. We hope to hold our first panel meeting in September 2022.

We’ll be in touch again later in the year with an update. By then we’ll also be able to provide a more detailed look at the survey findings, what we’ve heard and what we aim to do as a result.

In the meantime, here’s a summary of the survey results:

We asked “Are you worried about climate change?”

  • 54% are extremely or very worried
  • 41% are moderately or slightly worried
  • 5% not at all worried

We asked “How important it is for Curo to tackle climate change and look after the environment”

  • 78% think it is extremely or very important
  • 17% think it’s somewhat important
  • 5% think not so or not at all important

We asked “How would you rate Curo on its efforts to tackle climate change and look after the environment”

  • Majority didn’t know or weren’t sure (56%)
  • 35% didn’t think Curo are doing enough
  • 9% think Curo are doing enough

We asked “Should Curo declare a climate emergency like Bath, Bristol and Wiltshire councils?”

  • The most popular answer was yes with 70% of all the responses
  • Don’t know was second with 19%
  • And no got the smallest response with 11%

We asked “Are you aware that there are energy performance targets for social housing and that many homes will require energy measures by 2030?”

  • 44% were aware of the targets
  • 49% were not aware and
  • 7% were not sure

Right now the target for social housing is for all ‘fuel-poor’ homes to reach energy performance level C by 2030 and be on the way to net zero by 2050 (rating A).

You can check your own home’s energy performance certificate (EPC) by entering your postcode here.

Not all Curo homes will have an EPC because in the past we've only done these assessments when letting homes. We're now increasing the number of EPCs by carrying out this assessment at the same time as your home condition survey.

Are you aware of your ‘carbon footprint?’

  • 69% have never calculated it
  • 22% have used an online calculator
  • 9% were not interested in doing this

If you’re interested, the WWF online calculator is easy to use and takes less than five minutes.

We asked you to rank four statements in order of importance:

  • Reducing energy use to save money on energy bills was the highest priority with 35%, followed by reducing energy use because of environmental benefits with 29%
  • In third and fourth place were 'what my home looks like inside' (21%) and 'what my home looks like outside' (14%)

We asked if you would be happy to delay a kitchen or bathroom upgrade if it meant you could have energy saving improvements sooner

  • 52% answered yes
  • 26% said no
  • 22% weren’t sure

In terms of timescales:

  • 40% were willing to wait 1-2 years
  • 36% were willing to wait 3-5 years
  • 17% willing to wait 5-10 years
  • 7% more than 10 years

We asked “Are you aware that all gas boilers in Curo homes will need to be exchanged to low carbon alternative heating by 2035 at the latest if the UK is to meet its carbon emissions targets?”

  • 56% said yes
  • 44% said no

We asked “Would you be happy to switch your gas boiler to an air source heat pump (ASHP):

  • 40% said they would be happy to switch
  • 36% were unsure
  • 13% would not be happy to switch
  • 11% already have electric heating

(ASHPs absorb heat from the outside air which is then heated via an electric pump.)

We asked you to pick the three energy improvements viewed as most important:

  • Solar panels were the most popular measure
  • Second was double or triple glazing second
  • Third was external or internal wall insulation

We asked how you felt about work being done in your home:

  • 67% preferred work be done in one go, no matter how disruptive
  • 21% selected work in stages to reduce disruption
  • 3% were not willing to have work and
  • 9% did not know

We asked if you would change your lifestyle to reduce impact and wider damage to the wider environment

  • 54% were either extremely or very willing
  • 34% somewhat willing
  • 8% willing but not able to
  • 4% not at all willing

We asked how you would feel if we installed electric car charging points:

  • 40% of respondents couldn’t afford an electric car
  • 28% did not have a car
  • 19% would consider getting an electric car soon
  • 1% would use a charge point straight away

We asked you to choose your top three environmental measures from six options:

  • Making homes more energy efficient was the top answer
  • Second was planting trees, rewilding and encouraging biodiversity
  • Third was reducing the use of fossil fuels as an energy source

Thanks again for your time and participation. We'll be in touch again soon with an update.

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