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Take your meter readings on 31 March to avoid being overcharged



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Today, 31 March, is the day to take and submit your gas and electricity meter readings before the energy price cap goes up on 1 April 2022.

Doing this will make sure your energy bills are at the lower rate for as long as possible. That's because your energy supplier will try to estimate how much energy you used before and after the price cap went up. So it’s in your best interest to submit up to date meter readings to make sure you only pay the higher rate for energy you use after 1 April.

If you have a smart meter, your meter should automatically send readings every day, but it might not do this. So, it's still worth making a note of your readings today (you could take a photo).

The price cap is the maximum amount suppliers can charge per unit of energy on a standard tariff.

If you have an older prepayment meter, you could top up with energy at the lower price - worth doing if you can afford it. This won’t work with smart prepayment meters – they will know exactly what you used and when.

If you're a Curo resident and struggling with bills, please ask us for help.

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