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"Shared Ownership was the only way I could do it"



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Image above: Shared Ownership Curo customer, Teri Densley

30-year old Teri Densley was finally able to get on the property ladder in her home village thanks to Shared Ownership homes built by Curo at Highbury Fields, in Clutton.

Teri, who works in admin for a finance company, was living with her parents in Clutton so she could save up for a deposit. Teri says: "Buying a house in Clutton would probably have been impossible. I've looked for years - Shared Ownership was the only way I could do it. It was fantastic that they started building here."

Earlier this year, Teri turned her homeownership dream into a reality and moved in to a two-bed new-build house, close to her family and friends. 

Shared Ownership is an affordable way into homeownership for people who may otherwise find it difficult to get on the housing ladder. This government-backed initiative is giving many people the push they need to buy their own home. The scheme is available through housing associations like Curo for new-builds and Shared Ownership properties being re-sold. Shared Ownership is available to first-time buyers, or those who used to own a home but can no longer afford one, with a combined household income of less than £80,000pa. 

Watch Teri's story to find out what Shared Ownership meant for her...

For more information about the scheme, and to see what properties are available via Shared Ownership from Curo, head over to our sales website

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