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Sarah describes 'life-changing' stay at Curo's Wellbeing House



Curo’s Wellbeing House in Bath provides a retreat for people experiencing mental health distress. Staying at the Wellbeing House offers people space and support to stabilise their mood, often preventing the need to access further mental health services.

One of the many people to have benefited from a stay at the house is 'Sarah'. Sarah was referred to the Wellbeing House through the NHS, having been in hospital on a number of occasions through periods of poor mental health.

Sarah said: “I’ve been in and out of services since I was young. The Wellbeing House was the first time I’d said I need a break from everything and someone had actually answered with a solution.

“It’s the first service that has actually been there for me when I’ve tried to make the effort to do something before it gets worse.”

Sarah describes the Wellbeing House as somewhere peaceful, calm and organised that makes her feel safe.

“That stay really did change my entire life. I literally decided then and there that I was moving to Bath. I gave up all past connections.

“It’s still been hard. If I feel I’m close to dipping back into that I can come back here which I’ve done and it’s helped massively. It’s definitely been a big turning point for me.”

Sarah’s mum, 'Alex', has supported her daughter throughout and is in no doubt about the positive impact of the support offered at the Wellbeing House. “It empowered her. It put her back in control.

“There’s a kind of magic that happens at the Wellbeing House, and it’s available for everyone who stays at the house if you’re ready to receive it. And it’s really OK if not, you can just come to have a break and enjoy the peace and respite it offers.

“Looking back I wish I’d known about the Wellbeing House for myself, as there were times when I was confused, exhausted and totally overwhelmed and so unable to support my daughter properly. I would have hugely benefited from a break myself.”

Staying at The Wellbeing House is free. People in Bath & North East Somerset can access this free service by being referred by a health, social care or housing professional, or directly by visiting www.curo-group.co.uk/wellbeinghouse or calling 0300 123 2466.

Names have been changed.

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