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Return of Bailiffs



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At Curo we are aware that many people have found themselves in financial difficulty before and during the pandemic. We want our customers to be aware of the change to how bailiffs can now collect debt.

Local authorities in England and Wales can once again use bailiffs to collect outstanding debts from 30th August, after a five-month suspension because of COVID-19. Bailiffs can resume activity as long as they adhere to new guidance on social distancing during their visits and – other than in exceptional circumstances – don't enter premises to take control of goods.  The Ministry of Justice has published guidance for bailiffs to prevent virus transmission.

 Can a bailiff visit my house to take my belongings?

“All bailiffs should send you a letter before they visit, to check if you’re more vulnerable because of coronavirus. They should also follow government guidance on social distancing. Many bailiffs have also made a voluntary commitment to take into account vulnerability or financial hardship caused by coronavirus and refer people to debt advisors in those circumstances. If they’re collecting debts owed to your local council, court fines or child maintenance they should give you 30 days’ notice before they visit. They shouldn’t enter your home to take your goods - they should only talk to you, collect money or give you documents.”

What should I do if I think the bailiffs are breaking the rules?

“If bailiffs break the rules around entering your home, take, or threaten to take things they shouldn’t, or refuse a reasonable repayment offer you should complain. You should also complain if bailiffs harass you or act aggressively, including using threats or intimidation, offensive language or visit, text or call you repeatedly. You should complain to the organisation you owe money to, as well as to the bailiff company concerned.  Complaining won’t cancel your original debt, but it can give you a chance to deal with it in a way that suits you.”

If you need any help or support contact the Customer Accounts team at Curo on 01225 366000 or email customeraccountshelp@curo-group.co.uk

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