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Rent on time - never be in arrears again



“I paid my rent at the end of every month. So why was I still receiving text messages and letters from Curo saying I was in ‘arrears’?” Curo tenant Amy was puzzled, so she got in touch with our Customer Accounts team to ask for help.

“I was very confused and didn’t want to owe any rent to my landlord.”

We explained to Amy that Curo’s rents can be paid either: 

  • weekly - paid on the Monday in full
  • fortnightly – paid at the beginning of the fortnight or
  • monthly – paying for the month to come

“Because I was making my payments at the end of each month, my rent account was always going to be in arrears at some point during the following month.

“They explained that I shouldn’t be in arrears in between my monthly payments. They also reminded me that their tenancy agreements ask customers to pay their rent on time, which I now understand.” 

The next step for Amy was agree an affordable way for her to catch up with her payments.

“I couldn’t afford to pay one lump sum payment, so the Customer Accounts Team were very happy to make an agreement with me so I’d get to a point where I would be paying my rent on time. 

“They asked me what I could afford and we agreed to an extra £20 a month on top of my rent. I now pay my rent by direct debit every month. I don’t have to think about it as it comes out of my bank account automatically. 

“I feel so much better. I don’t get any arrears letters or text messages. I encourage anyone in my situation to do the same as rent is a priority bill – it’s the roof over your head.

“Also, by paying rent on time if I need to move, my four-week notice period will be already be paid!” 

We also suggested that Amy registered with Curo’s secure online customer portal, MyCuro, to help keep track of her account.

“I can keep an eye on my account wherever and whenever as MyCuro is always open. I can make additional payments, book my own routine repairs and reschedule any booked repairs.  All I needed was my tenancy number to register which was at the top of my rent statement.”

We’re here to help in Curo Customer Accounts if you ever need help with your account. Find out about the support we can offer here, or click here to chat with us or switch to Direct Debit.

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