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Placement is ticket to a new career



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Michael had worked for most of his adult life on construction sites, but his dream was to use his creative skills in an office-based job. He decided to make the change, researching courses that would help him achieve his ambition.

Michael enrolled at Bath College where he gained maths, English and ICT qualifications and received advice from a recruitment agency which helped him see what steps to take next. Michael realised he needed some on-the-job experience to get started with his new career and put his newly-learned skills into practice.

As a resident with Curo, Michael heard about the housing association’s Accredited Work Placement Programme and saw how the scheme could help him to gain the necessary skills and experience to work in an office-role.

Curo helped Michael to find a placement which gave him the opportunity to brush up his computer skills, get used to working in an office environment and build his confidence.

Michael is coming to the end of his work placement after 10 weeks in the role. He has faced and overcome challenges along the way and learned a great many new skills which promise to serve him well in his new ventures. 

“My work placement’s opened my eyes to the world of work,” said Michael. “It’s made me realise that the work I’m doing is what I want to do. I’ve made a good decision in changing my career and I look forward to the future with more confidence.

“I can use a computer with confidence and I know what I want to do and how to go about it. There’s always more to learn but I’m happy with what I’ve achieved so far.”

Find out about our Work Placement Programme here.

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