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Our Passport to Housing service is a free and confidential service offered by Curo to help people bidding for homes through Bath & North East Somerset's Homesearch scheme to prepare for a successful Curo tenancy and plan for the expense of moving home. Read about one resident's recent experience with Passport to Housing here:

South Gloucestershire Council referred me to Curo’s Passport to Housing to get help preparing for my own tenancy whilst I was living in temporary accommodation. I suffer with depression and anxiety, and I felt very overwhelmed when I started working with Ali. She called me to explain the service and I felt able to tell her my story; to share with her the series of traumatic life events that had resulted in me losing my home, and my employment, and how this had impacted my mental health.

We worked at my pace, identifying all my debts and we agreed a plan together. She supported me with setting up a debt management plan with Stepchange and encouraged me to make calls to those creditors I felt able to, setting up joint calls to those creditors that I felt I needed help to speak to. This helped me to feel more confident in making decisions myself. 

I was on Universal Credit but did not have any additional financial support, as I was not well enough to work. Ali helped me to contact my doctor to get a fit note and led to me getting some extra money in my Universal Credit, because I am unwell.

She spoke to me about applying for Personal Independence Payment and explained how to do this, helping to write the application form with me. The claim was successful, and I received a backdate payment to the date that I ordered the form. I was absolutely delighted as this helped me to tackle some of my debts.

She worked closely with my mental health support worker so that I felt that they were both helping me to move forward to my goal of having my own home.

When I was allocated a property, she spoke to the housing association about my financial and personal circumstances, forwarding evidence to support my application, so that I didn’t have to keep repeating all the things that had happened to me in my life. Also, when I was told I had a flat, she applied for grants to help me set up a home, as I had nothing. She helped me to get a bed, some furniture and some kitchen items including a fridge.

She kept in contact with me regularly and even after I moved, she helped me to get a cooker, which I had not been able to afford. I have found Passport to Housing so helpful.

Call us on 01225 366000 or email hello@curo-group.co.uk if you think Passport to Housing might work for you.

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