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Passport to Housing: "I feel like I'm someone again"



Thanks to Bath resident Beverly who sent us this letter about her experience as a Passport to Housing customer. Beverly wanted us to share her letter so that other people in her situation could hear first-hand about the help available.

Pictured, L-R: Curo New Customer Advisor Debbie Brinsmead-Williams, Beverly and Jeremy Palmer of Reach.

Dear Debbie,

Just to let you know I am so happy and settled in my new home, and feel like I would not have been in this position now without you. 

As you know I was in a very bad and dark place at my previous property and had been looking to move for some time.  Because of bedroom tax and huge arrears on my account I could not see any way out. 

I can’t thank you enough for the help and support you showed me with the work that needed to be done at the property before I could move, and the grant you secured to pay for this.  Having lived there for 30 years I didn’t know where to start and my ill-health held me back.

Before Passport I was suffering badly with depression and anxiety and my health was very poor.  No one had been able to help me in the past three years and I couldn’t see how another appointment with another person could help me out of my situation.  When we met I was so relieved at how down-to-earth you were and how you listened to me without judgement. 

You put me at ease and made me feel that it would be possible to move if we worked together.  Whenever I needed to see you or speak to you, you took the time to contact me and nothing was ever too much trouble.

I had always felt that I was a no one, now I feel like I am someone again for the first time in five years. You really understood what I was going through and did everything you could to help me as well as working with my support worker, Jeremy from Reach, who you also had a really good relationship with.

Without your help I would not have dealt with my debts which are now under control and manageable. I can now open my post knowing it won’t be a threating letter.   

I can’t thank you enough for arranging for my arrears to be cleared through a discretionary housing payment, which was the last barrier to moving. 

I no longer feel isolated or alone, having moved to a property that is right for me which I love and am slowly making it into a home. I am coping much better with my depression and anxiety and feel that I am in a much better place.  I’m actually going out this weekend with friends which will be a first for years.

Having a bed to sleep in is amazing, as you remember I was sleeping on the sofa and did not use the upstairs of my previous property. I now have carpets which have been laid with the grant you secured, which again I have not had in many years.

It was a real possibility before you started working with me that I was going to be evicted from my property, and thanks to the service this did not happen which I am so pleased about.

I cannot recommend the service enough and would like to say to anyone thinking of going through passport to housing to do it 150%. We need more people like you who can listen, understand and help people without judgement. 

I now have more confidence, no money worries and a fresh start to my new life and I feel like I am living again!

Many thanks Debbie for everything.

Beverly talks about her experience with Passport to Housing in this short film:

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