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New Year, New Job? Need some work experience?



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We’ve got some work placements available to people living in Curo properties and would love to fill as many of them as possible in the New Year.

A number of these are within Curo. Some are with other great local employers.

We need people with some basic admin skills who would like to develop and build confidence in the work place with the guidance of an experienced mentor. If you don’t have enough skills, don’t worry. We can help you develop them and get you access to training opportunities at Bath College - for example through Computers for Work.

Why take a work placement?

  • You get valuable work experience to put on your CV.
  • You'll get a reference from your employer at the end.
  • And you'll get an accreditation through Weston College - this means that while on the placement you'll complete NVQ units or other certified qualifications.

These work placements are unpaid and best suited to people who are unemployed and claiming some kind of benefit, who are looking to build up their recent work experience but perhaps need a bit of support along the way. They're open to people of any age.

If you're interested or want more information, all you have to do is send an email to workwise@curo-group.co.uk with your name and contact details. Someone from our team will contact you. Alternatively, fill in our quick form here. 

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