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New tenancies mean peace of mind for nearly 700 more Curo tenants



We are converting our 680 fixed-term tenancies to lifetime contracts. With the majority of tenants in our 13,000 homes already benefiting from the security of a lifetime tenancy, we've now decided to convert all of our fixed-term tenancies in response to customer feedback.

Curo Chief Executive Victor da Cunha said: “We’ve listened to our customers who have fixed-term tenancies with us. We’ve heard how important having a long-term tenancy is to feel safe, secure and be able to put down roots in the local community. In direct response to this feedback, we’re moving all our social tenants who currently have fixed-term tenancies onto Assured lifetime tenancies.

“As a responsible social landlord, we try hard to really listen to and act on the feedback our tenants and other residents give us. Moving all our social tenants to lifetime tenancies is just one example of how customer feedback leads to changes for the better.”

With no end date, Assured Tenancies are sometimes called ‘lifetime tenancies’ and give tenants the stability and peace of mind of knowing that they have a home for as long as they need it.

Feedback from residents has been very positive, with a tenant in Bath commenting: “Now I’ll be moving onto a lifetime tenancy I’ve got the security of knowing that if my circumstances change, I’ll always have a roof over my head.

“A lifetime tenancy means no more uncertainty for me, as it will for many other people too.”

We are writing to all tenants on fixed-term tenancies – which are usually renewed every six years – with the good news that when their current tenancy term ends, they will be moved onto a lifetime tenancy. This will be subject to Curo’s standard tenancy conditions having been met.

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