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Metro Mayor sees No Mow May in action at transformed Bath park



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Pictured (L-R): Joe Robson (Curo Senior Arboriculturalist), Metro Mayor Dan Norris, Carl McMurtry (Curo Director of Estates Services), Ann Birtwistle (Your Park Bristol & Bath) and Claire Loder (Blooming Whiteway).

West of England Metro Mayor, Dan Norris, visited a stunning park in Whiteway, Bath to see how No Mow May is giving wildlife a chance by allowing wildflowers to bloom, attracting bees and other vital pollinators. 

Whiteway Green is a Curo-owned park where we're leaving areas of grass uncut throughout May and beyond. 

Carl McMurtry, Curo Director of Estate Services, said: “After the success of No Mow May last year, we’re going one step further with our new Nothing for Nature initiative. Nothing for Nature means giving nature a chance by leaving areas of grass to go wild for a little longer.

"We’re doing this working closely with local communities, like the fantastic Blooming Whiteway group, and we’ll be listening carefully to residents’ feedback as we grow this initiative."

During the visit, Metro Mayor Dan Norris met Claire Loder of Blooming Whiteway and Ann Birtwistle of Your Park Bristol & Bath to hear how the local community have worked with Curo to transform their cherished local park.

Claire said: "Whiteway Green is the green heart of our estate - the park is a crucial part of the mosaic connecting our gardens to the open countryside above us and the city of Bath below us. What happens here radiates out and impacts wildlife and well being and mitigates for flooding and pollution.

"We're really excited to see this important shift in the management of our green spaces and hope that we can work towards a beautiful and abundant space full of wildlife that just happens to be where humans live too!" 

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: "Getting people to leave the mower for a few weeks really is so important. A wilder lawn can be a boon for plants, butterflies and other creatures, and they are just perfect for our pollinators. I’m really pleased Curo and people across the West of England are participating and I encourage everyone to do so."


Since No Mow May, a campaign from the charity Plantlife launched in 2019, thousands of lawns have been left to sprout. Plantlife says the campaign trebled the number of people leaving their lawns long, and expects a bigger success this year.

Find out more about No Mow May and Nothing for Nature here.

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