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Mapping the gaps



At Curo we have a detailed map of all our estates and ‘assets’ – such as streetlights, hedges, trees, paths etc. We know there are some gaps between our map and B&NES Council’s and that can lead to confusion around who's responsible for maintenance. We're now working closely with our friends at Bath & North East Somerset Council to tackle this. 

This is an issue that’s arisen across Bath as well as in Twerton and Snow Hill and we understand the frustration people feel when it’s not clear where responsibility lies.

We hope to agree a way forward, working together with politicians and council officers, so that these grey areas of responsibility can be resolved. We can’t promise a quick fix as there will need to be further mapping undertaken, protocols agreed and consultation with residents affected so we get this right for local people.

Once we have updated our estate map, we’ll publish this on our website so anyone can use it to see who owns what.

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