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It's easier than ever to manage your rent and money at MyCuro



Rent statements on demand

Although we no longer routinely post rent statements to customers, we've made it easy to request your own rent statement based on the dates you choose. You can do this online, 24 hours a day using MyCuro. Your statement will be created automatically and added to the ‘My Accounts > My Documents’ section of MyCuro. We'll email you as soon as it's ready. 

Manage your money online

We’ve also made it easier for you to find all the information money and rent information you need on MyCuro. We’ve split all the money information across three pages. Head to:

  • My Accounts - for your rent balances, payments and statements on demand,
  • Account Support - where you can send questions and requests to our Customer Accounts team, and
  • Direct Debits - for viewing payments, setting up a new Direct Debit or changing an existing one.

Give it a try today.

To register with MyCuro all you need is your tenancy ID or account number.

Book it, pay it, check it, report it, sort it 
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