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Institute of Customer Service Survey



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What is it?

In October and November, we’ll be undertaking a customer satisfaction survey with 4,000 customers in conjunction with the Institute of Customer Service (ICS). The survey will be conducted by the ICS on our behalf allowing for the results to be completely independent and anonymous.


The results will help us clarify what we need to change to improve your customer experience. The survey also allows us to compare our results with other housing associations and gives us a greater sense of where exactly we can improve as a business.

How are the surveys conducted?

The surveys will be collected via email, telephone and postal and will start on the 12th October for one month.


What is this survey?

This survey is an opportunity for us to understand satisfaction levels across the customer base and a review of current drivers. Our intention is to improve the overall customer experience based on your feedback.

Who’s running the survey?

The survey is conducted by an independent third party, ICS (Institute of Customer Service), of whom we are a member and often work with to help better customer experience at Curo. They work with Market Research agency TLF Research who will help conduct the surveys for them.

How did the ICS get my information?

In order for you to have the opportunity to take part, we’ve provided your name and contact details to the Institute of customer service. Your information is kept secure and will only be used to conduct the survey. Your responses will be kept anonymous. If you’d like to opt out of further customer satisfaction surveys let us know and we’ll update your account.

 If you’d like more information, please see our Privacy Statement.

Is the survey anonymous?

Yes, the survey is anonymous, your feedback is fully confidential. This means we have no means of using your personal information to categorise or make judgements based on your personal data or feedback given.

Is this survey legitimate?

Yes, this survey is legitimate, we’ve worked with ICS many times over recent years and consulted them for this specific survey.  

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