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Getting a pension, but missing out on something?



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Up-to-date numbers show that 1.9 million pensioners are living in poverty, mostly because they are not claiming benefits they would be entitled to.

Almost one million pensioner households are entitled to Pension Credit and 200,000 households are missing out on Housing Benefit which goes towards paying rent. We know that many benefits go unclaimed each year amounting to billions of pounds.

People over 65 will sometimes not claim benefits because they do not understand the benefits system so don’t know where to start. Some people feel uncomfortable with claiming state support or may worry about giving out their personal financial information.

Here at Curo we have a dedicated team who can help and support customers to check what benefits they might be entitled to. It’s quick and easy and everything you tell us is confidential. Please don’t suffer in silence, if you are entitled to benefits, it’s your right to claim. The extra money could help with rent, Council Tax, heating and food to make things more comfortable for you.

Please contact Curo's Customer Accounts team for more information; what have you got to lose!

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