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Flying the LGBT+ flag in North Somerset



I recently started working closely with North Somerset’s LGBT + Forum as a volunteer and also in my capacity as a Wellbeing Worker with Curo’s Community Connect service. Being a volunteer, I can get as involved as I want. 

Last month, through the LGBT + Forum, four new LGBT groups had their first meetings in Weston-super-Mare and I’m proud to be working with Curo's Thom Winter Gray on the new North Somerset LGBT 50+ group for older people in the community.

I’ll be able to promote our fantastic Community Connect service as well as Curo’s own support options. At the meetings, I’ll be offering useful information to people and my role with Community Connect means I’m well placed to talk about activities, groups or referrals in to services that could help people improve their wellbeing. I’m also looking forward to helping out with the general running of the group.

Thom and I have lots of ideas and hope to see this group grow in the future. I’ve already started to use my contacts to spread the word about the group through distributing materials, social media and the local press. The group hopes that word of mouth will also help as people start attending the group. To start with we’re inviting people who have an interest in the group and hope this will grow in time.

We’ll be asking what people would like to do at the group – maybe a quiz, bingo or live music? – and we’ll be asking other organisations and groups to come and talk about their services.

Self-isolation means I’ve yet to attend any meetings or events in person, and with the new lockdown it’s not known when face-to-face events can re-start. We will be running the group through the Zoom virtual platform.

If you or anyone you know would like to keep up to date with any events related to the North Somerset LGBT+ 50+ group, or the wider LGBT+ Forum find us on social media (it’s ‘North Somerset LGBT+ Forum’ on all platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Or contact Thom or me at Community Connect on 01275 888803.

We hope this new initiative goes from strength to strength.

Read more in our news channel.

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