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Drums and BBQ bring Keynsham community together



On Friday 28 June residents of Tintagel Close in Keynsham enjoyed a community barbecue and drumming evening. Residents took the lead on organising this event which was designed to bring the community together and involve children and adults.


Curo Support Service Manager Helen Crew helped to organise the event:

"The food was provided by Curo – the barbecue was hot work but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Jackie Ballinger, who is Treasurer of the Residents Association, and I 'womanned' the barbecue - incredibly hot work! - but people kept coming back for more.

"The drumming was very loud but this didn’t wake up the youngest guest who was just seven days old. The drums were all made of recycled products and kept all the children engaged, active and focussed for well over two hours - amazing! Overall, a successful event."

Local councillor Andy Wait popped in and said he was "impressed with how Curo are working with customers to build community links". 

Thanks to everyone who came along and helped to organise such a fun event, and to Twinwave who provided the drumming.

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