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Damaged wall at Ballance Street in Bath



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A small section of wall adjoining our property at Ballance Street in Bath collapsed on 13 Dec, damaging several vehicles. No one was injured. We acted quickly to cordon off the surrounding area and have been carrying out regular inspections since then. A further collapse happened on 30 Dec. 

While we’re not responsible for the wall, the safety of our customers and other local residents is our priority.  This further collapse of the wall adjoining our property at Ballance Street happened within the area we had previously cordoned off. We have now fenced off the full length of this wall and are taking steps to reduce run off of water from the gardens that have been affected.

Curo does not own this wall – we understand that responsibility for the structure lies with the owners of the Georgian townhouses along Burlington Street. We had already contacted the owners of the properties where the initial collapse took place and are liaising with these residents, collectively discussing options with a structural engineer. We will carry out any further measures the engineer advises to keep the area safe.

We are now also writing to all the other owners whose gardens include a section of the wall to ask them to take urgent steps to ensure that their property does not pose a risk. 

We've written to all our customers at Ballance Street and Lampards Building to let them know what we are doing to keep residents safe.

Please contact Curo if you have any concerns about safety. If you are not sure who owns the wall, contact Building Control at B&NES Council.

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