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Curo Apprenticeships - the perfect career launchpad



An apprenticeship means you can earn while you learn in a way that's best suited to you. An apprenticeship with Curo is also the perfect career launch pad as Ellen Symonds and Beth Maggs, who both started their Curo careers as apprentices, explain... 

"Joining Curo in 2016 as an apprentice was a great opportunity for me," says Ellen, who is now a Construction Administrator. "I wanted to be able to gain experience in an office environment and build on my skills, which I've definitely been able to do. Curo is a great company to work for and I've been able to use my skills and knowledge to progress on to permanent roles within the business.

"I would recommend an apprenticeship in Business Administration to anyone interested in building on their skills, while learning and working."

Ellen's comments are echoed by Beth who has progressed to the position of Senior Customer Care Coordinator having started as an apprentice: “Working at Curo as an apprentice was definitely a great move for me. I’ve been able to refresh my business administration knowledge and move on to permanent roles. I would recommend this to anyone: being able to build up skills while still learning and working with a great team of people.”

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