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Curo and police take action on anti-social behaviour in Keynsham



Magistrates have agreed to extend a closure order against an address in Keynsham to help prevent the community being subjected to antisocial behaviour.

The Curo-managed property in Augustus Avenue had people attending at all times of day and night, drug use, targeted abuse, noise nuisance and criminal damage. Residents felt intimidated and scared; with one neighbour stating the impact of the behaviour was so detrimental she could no longer have family members visit her home.

The closure order awarded in August was initially for a period of three months, however an extension granted at Bath Magistrates Court on Monday 23 November means it will now remain in place until February 2021. No-one may enter the address except those authorised. If anyone – including the tenant – breaches the order, they commit a criminal offence and could face up to six months in prison. 

Andrew Snee, Curo’s Head of Tenancy Compliance and Support, said “By working in close partnership with the police and with neighbours we’ve been able to take firm action together to tackle these problems. No-one should have to put up with antisocial behaviour and criminal activity and I’d like to thank those residents who worked with us to bring about this closure order with the police.”

Avon & Somerset Police's Antisocial Behaviour Co-ordinator for BANES, Victoria Jeffery, said: “The closure of this address has bought respite to the local community who now feel safe within their homes. Your concerns matter to us; no one should have to live in fear and I hope this sends a clear message that antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated.

"We work closely with Curo to utilise all legal powers available, however we could not take this action without reporting from residents and it’s them I’d like to thank for their ongoing support.”

If you are experiencing antisocial behaviour, please report it to the police by contacting 101 or via the Avon and Somerset Police website. 

Curo's ASB Toolkit has extensive advice and information if you are a Curo resident affected by anti-social behaviour.

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