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At Curo getting it right first time is really important to us. Sometimes we get it wrong. What’s important when this happens is how we react and put it right while learning from the experience so it doesn’t happen again.

Over the last year we’ve made some changes to improve the way we deal with the issues you report to us. We‘ve conducted an intensive training programme for all of our customer-facing colleagues so that they can take ownership and hopefully resolve the problem straight away for you.

We’re giving them the power to make the decisions needed to put things right. This should reduce the time it takes for your issues to be resolved. We’ve also launched a new process called ‘Learning Labs’. At these monthly workshops, Curo managers review a sample of cases we’ve received to understand exactly what went wrong and make changes to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes again. Actions are identified, agreed and then tracked to make sure they improve the service we deliver.

We continue to work in partnership with residents on complaint resolution with the successful Complaints Review Forum continuing through lockdown. At these sessions forum members scrutinise a number of cases to make sure we are working within our policy and that we are fair and accurate when deciding on suitable solutions.

If you’re interested in getting involved in this or any of our other Resident Involvement opportunities then please call 01225 366255 and speak to Michelle or Tom.

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