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Community heroes: Making face shields for key workers



Curo resident Maya Wolf (pictured above with her handiwork) explains how she and a friend decided to put their talents, time and resources to work by making hundreds of face shields for people on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic:   

In mid-March, seeing all my freelance work being cancelled, I began making face shields. They have gone to pharmacists, doctors’ surgeries, care homes, home care workers, hospices, midwives, hospitals and others.

When my materials began to run low, with a friend and colleague, we fundraised enough money to buy sufficient materials to produce another 800 face shields. We split the materials (with her in Bristol, me in Bath) and continued to make and distribute these shields to whoever needed them.

As time has gone on other people have set up much larger-scale productions of face shields and other PPE. Now, when I deliver shields to people who request them, I include information about where else they may access more if needed.

In this way I intend to scale down my production and redirect my efforts, to a place where it can be of equal if not more use. I’m presently considering the options.

I don't think of my efforts as being heroic. To me they are a normal, compassionate response to the situation I witnessed around me and my natural reaction to help in any way I could. This for me, as a self-employed artist and maker, was to use the time and materials I had to hand, to help protect the public-facing people I saw around me, who sorely lacked PPE. 

Self-employed community artist, Maya Wolf has been a Curo resident since 1998. She has worked on the Bath Lantern Procession, as an artist, when it was based at the Holburne Museum, and as a co-director and artist for the two years that it was based in Walcot Street. Maya is also co-organiser of the Bath Lantern Procession which is scheduled to take place in December this year.


Instagram @mayawolfworks

Pictured: One of Maya's spectacular lantern creations.

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