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Board Connect – a new way to get involved with Curo



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Twice a year, customers who are already closely involved with Curo are invited to take part in a conversation with our Board. We're calling these sessions Board Connect.

"The idea behind Board Connect is for customers to have the opportunity to put questions to our board members," explained Curo Customer Feedback Lead Tom Box.

"These sessions also give Curo's Board a chance to ask questions of our customers so they can better understand what it feels like to receive the services that Curo delivers.

"We recently held our first Board Connect session with eight customers and 10 board members taking part. It was a really positive session enjoyed by all."

To be invited to Board Connect, customers need to have participated in one of our many engagement groups, activities or through VoiceBox regularly over the past six months. This is because it's helpful if customers taking part have a reasonably in-depth understanding of Curo.

Board Connect sessions last approximately one hour and take place just before our regular Board meetings.

Read the Board Connect meeting notes here.

If you’d like to get more involved with Curo check out our new involvement menu which lists all of our engagement groups and opportunities.

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